Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Trendy Now?

I have a new pet peeve. it's a silly one and probably pretty shallow, but I doubt I'm alone. What the heck is up with the whole "Geek Chic" thing? Since when did it become popular to be a geek or a nerd? When did Comic Con become the new Sundance? I'm looking at all of the celebrities who spent way too much money on their hipster, thrift store look and think you wouldn't know half of these comic books if they bit you in the ass. Heck, I wouldn't. I'm more of a word nerd and I earned my status the hard way. A painful, slightly lonely adolescence reading waaay too much Jane Austen. Can those posers quote the original Star Wars (part 4, my butt)? How about all of the damn glasses? Are you kidding me?! You don't earn the right to wear amazingly cool glasses unless you suffered through a hideous Coke bottle phase, complete with ill advised brown tinting. Glasses are not an accessory, they are an earned right. I kind of want to back hand all of the little fools running around with old 3-D glasses with the lenses popped out.

I am happily raising real nerds/geeks. We communicate half the time in movie sound bites. My girls have verbal vocabularies that would put most adults to shame. They read the book before the movie (twilight excluded, but really that's not literature). We watch strange nature documentaries and fantasy movies. We also crack puns freely. At times we have been know to snort while laughing. And really, we put little thought into how we look. We slap on our awesome glasses (glasses technology is sooo much better now) and whatever is comfortable and clean. We are who we are, no posing needed.

Was I high and mighty enough? I really don't know why this is an issue, but it is really in my craw lately:) Give me time and I'll go back to my open minded, inclusive self. Just take off the fake glasses first!

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