Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

Today was my future sister in law's bridal shower. Now before I post with my usual sarcastic self, let me tell you it was lovely and I am very happy for her and my brother. Now let the smart assery commence!

I am not really a dressing up kind of person. Really I am happiest in tee shirts and jeans or shorts, ditto Caroline. Lily likes to dress up, but with her own spin on things. The average person wouldn't call her outfits dressing up. When I got the invitation to the shower, I was planning on wearing some nice shorts and a blouse. Then I went over the directions with my mother. By the time she got to "look for the McMansions" I stopped her. "Is this place fancy? Oh crap. We have to dress up, huh?" Well I took the challenge and decide to go for the "ladies who lunch" look. I found a twirly 50s/60s looking skirt and added a peasant blouse, my gramma's pearls and charm bracelet. Voila! I painted the girls nails and did their hair up fancy too. Lily had her fancy outfit, but I had to veto it. This really wasn't the time for her "hippie escaped form the retirement home" look. I washed her favorite pink dress hid the sparkly shoes that are 3 sizes too big and we were set.

I was very excited about her gift. I spent the summer working on a cross stitch for her and putting together a book of family recipes. So much of my family's history can be told through our recipes. All I had left to do this morning was frame the cross stitch. The problem was I could not fit it in the frame I'd chosen. I had cross stitched a daisy and chosen a pretty yello frame. It was going to fit. I was not giving up! There was lots of swearing and ouching, but I finally got it in. We left later than I'd planned, but still arrived on time.

Their friends' house was gorgeous. We pulled into their driveway and the girls just breathed "Wow!" I made a silly joke about let's act classy or pinkies up and away we went. Like I said her friends were very nice, just very different from us. The girls were so good. On the way home, Lily mentioned that we must be poor. I cleared that misconception up and we talked about how there are different lifestyles and one is not better than the other. You don't have to be rich to be a snob. Sometimes I know I am, just look at the post after this one.

I also know that we clean up nicely and can act like well mannered ladies. Yes! We're ready for the wedding!


Brooke G. said...

I head into showers of all kinds - DREADING THEM.... and usually having a melt down about having to DRESS UP - but usually leave having a great time and thinking that getting dressed up every now and then is kinda fun.

mooserbeans said...

Brooke, I agree. It was really kind of fun to play ladies who lunch, I couldn't do it everyday:) Thanks for reading.