Monday, May 4, 2009


I know that I've said this before, but some days Caroline leaves me in awe. She goes from gangling woman-child to complete goofball in minutes. When I am well rested and not too stressed it is a wonderful ride. Add a little stress and exhaustion and it feel like I fell down the rabbit hole to a place that makes no sense.

Last weekend she helped run a booth for her bronze award. The troop was teaching children how to be bite free. Caroline was in her element. She walked kids through the steps and explained everything to the parents like a pro. I always wanted to raise children who could speak coherently to adults. Yes!

This past Sat it was older scout skate night from 7:00-12:00 (am). I devoted mom and leader, stayed most of the night. My co leader and I were working on packets for our upcoming beach trip (we might be a little too involved with our troop, nah). I needed more envelopes and decide to run out to Target. As i was dashing through the rain to my car, I thought about how old Caroline is getting and how she really didn't need me around all the time. Of course, when I got back, she was standing by the snack bar crying. She'd fallen and couldn't find me (she really fell hard, her knees look like purple grapefruit). I could tell that she really wanted to go home, so I let her sit with me for awhile.

After she'd calmed down I offered to go out with her. I skated next to her as she slowly crept along the wall. As we skated under the disco ball listening to 80's tunes, I regaled her with embarrassing stories from my youth (there are enough to fill a book). I told her about how when I was eight, I fell on the ice and went across half the rink on my face. I made her laugh when I explained how my friend greeted my mom at the door and said "Don't worry Dene, it's not as bad as she looks.

I also told her about the time that I went roller skating with my best friend when I was 13. She'd done my makeup and I thought I looked perfect. When I was skating two boys tripped me and I fell into the wall. I cried so hard my mascara ran all down my face.

Caroline laughed and then was so surprised that I wasn't embarrassed. Before long she was skating slowly, but without holding onto the sides. Sometimes life really does work out like a Hallmark commercial. After three times around the rink, my arches were killing me and I decided to get off. Caroline spent the rest of the night skating with her friends. Toward the end I peeked out on the rink and saw her right in the middle, dancing and laughing with her friends.
She said that it was the best night. I'd have to agree.

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