Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dear Everybody,

I am writing to gently request that you stop filling my daughter's head with conflicting and confusing information. I haven't met you yet, but I am sure that you are a very nice young lady. Nonetheless, I would like you to please keep your opinions to yourself.

Your information is often incorrect. For example, the swine flu was not caused by "Some dude from California who ate rotten pig in Mexico." This false information lead to an entire evening of researching and reassuring on our part. I'm sure that you can see how frustrating this would be.

I understand that your mother feels that stilettos and highlights are perfect accessories for an 11 year old. I on the other hand would like my daughter to be able to walk when she is in her 30's and don't want her to fall and break her neck now. How in the world do you play kick ball in those things? As for highlights, well relax you have years of messing with hair dye. Just let the sun do it now. While we are talking about fashion, are those skinny jeans really comfortable? isn't your belly cold from hanging out of that shirt?

I am sure that you think that Twilight is the best book ever written, but would you please let my daughter make up her own mind. Watching a movie does not make you an expert on a book. I like the fact that Caroline choosing her books based on what she likes and not what everyone wants to read.

I am sure that you don't think that I am the "meanest mother ever" (contrary to popular opinion). I would like to wish you all the best.

Thank you,
Mrs. Simpson


Anonymous said...

you tell em missy.

laura g said...

Thank goodness...a voice of reason!

mooserbeans said...

Thanks guys!