Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

I have been thinking about my grandmothers a lot lately. Well, I pretty much think about them daily. It's been a little over two years since I lost them ( a month apart). I used to call them when I was making dinner and share all of my crazy Caroline stories (once upon a time she was a wild child too). I still find myself picking up the phone to share Lily stories. Maybe that is part of the reason that I started this blog. I don't know. It was such a comfort to talk to them while doing the mundane daily tasks of motherhood. It was also an ego boost. They both had very different personalities. My Gramma Runion was very down to earth and sweet with a sharp sense of humor. It didn't take much to tickle her and make her chuckle. My Gramma Hill was a little harder around the edges. She could have a sharp tongue and short temper, but not with me. She was also the best at sharing the latest gossip. Admit it, who doesn't love some gossip?Despite the differences, they both had this in common: they were proud of me.

They had both been stay at home mothers when their children were young and both of them always expressed amazement at my ability to juggle work and children. "I don't know how you young mothers do it now" I heard this often. Could they look through the phone and see me picking up a toy with me feet, while stirring something on the stove, while doing the dishes? All I know is that when I felt like I was losing my mind, I could call one of them and they'd always make me feel better.

I could tell them funny stories about the kids or share a new book title. They both loved to read and every time I came across a new really nice book, I'd recommend it. Although, they both weren't oppossed to a juicy romance novel (Gramma Hill said it spiced things up a bit), they shared my love of nice stories with happy endings. Right now I am reading the perfect book for them. Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg. I really wish that I could give them this book. Gramma Hill would love it and the stories and memories that it would spark. I can just picture us sitting on her porch sitting in her wicker chairs gossiping about when she was young and first in love. Gramma Runion would have loved it too, but I think she'd love Can't Wait for Heaven (Fannie Flagg again) more. The character grew up on a farm just like her and was just as strong in her faith.

I was very lucky to have my grandmothers for my best friends. I talk to my other friends about their grandmas and they don't seem to have the shared stories or interests. I really did enjoy sitting and chatting with them. Everyday I hear something on the news that would intrigue them, although honestly most of it would make them sad. I save up the motivating stories and tell them to Caroline. She usually agrees with me that they would love them too.

Most of what I learned about being a mother, I learned from them. They taught me to cook, bake, be patient, and have fun. I do wish they could be here to see how wonderful it all is. How beautiful Caroline is (inside and out) and how sharp and funny Lily is. I would love to have told them about Caroline's first heels or Lily's salty language (they weren't the kind of grammas to be offended by a little swearing).

Can they see it all? I don't know. Maybe this summer, while I'm sitting on the porch in my very own wicker chair (my Mother's Day present from Rob), they'll be listening in. Listeing while I tell my own tales and their tales to my girls. Listening to us joke around and "gossip" (tame stuff of course). Listening while I teach my girls everything they taught me.

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