Thursday, August 13, 2015

Restless Creativity: Summer Style

There is no better way to describe my family than "restless creativity." My uncle coin the term when he was giving my grandmother's eulogy. It means exactly what it sounds like boundless ideas, bouncing from one thing to another. This summer it seems to have hit hardest during these last few weeks.

I woke up one morning and realized "Oh shoot! It's August and we haven't painted the deck, fixed the pantry, completed summer reading, practiced for SATs, finished the sewing project, completed the cross stitch for my new nephew.... What the heck did we do all summer? So here I am, instead of "all summer in a day", it's been all summer in three weeks.

We went to Rhode Island. I used the time to play with my camera and the girls used it to try surfing. We shopped in cute boutiques and I bought flowy dresses and artistic earrings (I'm going for a certain look here). We came home and I tried new recipes and posted pictures online (shake your head, I don't care, it was well received). We watched movies like it was our job. We painted pottery. I am currently taking a break from medicine, so I was super type A about it and can't wait to see how my mug turned out. Lily sewed a little owl and I started my cross stitch. We've looked at meteors and taken walks. My phone is buzzing like mad with people texting me "Quick we need to ....."

The odd thing is I am enjoying this. I don't feel any panic or sense of time running out. I almost feel inspired. I definitely feel motivated to try to keep doing fun creative things all year long.

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