Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doing My Best

There must be something about my face or manner that makes me seem like an easy target for unsolicited advice, because I get a lot of it. Oh, if only the advice givers could hear the voice in my head declaring how little a crap I give about opinions (or do I?). I am a well documented rule following people pleaser. I am Sandra Dee at the beginning of Grease. If I think I've upset or offended someone, I die a thousand deaths. So, yes I listen to advice and fret about it and wear on Rob's last nerve analyzing it. I might add that in the course of our lives, he has been one of the chief advice givers (Especially before we were dating. Lord, that boy was a know it all!).

I have reached the stage in life where I can usually brush advice off (Unless it is really useful and well intended). Mostly that is due to having a good support system (Thank you, Rob, Caroline, and Lily).

Of course there is some advice that is not meant to be brushed off. Last summer, I was hit with the litany of  "your body is getting older so now you need too...." advice from doctors. Unfortunately, this has been one of the hardest and most stressful years of my life, and I have not been able to follow most of it. If you recall, I posted this summer about all of the doctor's advice: lose weight, floss three times a day, take a brisk walk, use sunscreen, eat less sugar, relax...... The entire thing reminds me of that song about always wearing sunscreen.

Well, I managed two: sunscreen and flossing. I flossed like it was my part time job. So much so, that any little food particle in my mouth after eating drove me crazy. I was so excited to go to my last cleaning. I followed his advice! I did it! I was a good girl! I don't know what I expected. Praise? High fives? A golden toothbrush? What did I get?  Two cavities! I can't win for trying.

To be fair, the cavities are at the site of old fillings that have worn out and most likely are the result of years of soda drinking (I gave it up 3 years ago, but drank it like water for almost 20 years). The hygienist threw me a bone by telling me that my gums looked great, and it was wonderful that I no longer drank soda.

This entire experience gives me so much hope about my next hurdle: weight loss!

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