Saturday, October 19, 2013


A Facebook post that I made last week, unintentionally was the starting point for a war between my cousins on my newsfeed. I didn't mind it, as a matter of fact it was a nice distraction from my own sad thoughts which hit hard at night. The post all began because Rob, the girls, and I are rarely apart. Because of this Lily watches somethings that might not really be so age appropriate. In this case that was Fox news.

Let me clarify, that it was Rob who left it on. His right wing tendencies have mellowed after years of marriage to me (on the same note, my liberal tendencies have softened as well). He still likes Fox news for the money reports. He left it on when he went to shower and Lily continued to watch it, probably because she loves gossip and well, have you watched Fox news? That night the conversation went something like this:

Michael Douglas flashes across the screen and the newscaster says "Micheal Douglas believes he might never have had throat cancer." I quip "I don't want to hear anymore more about what has gone into that man's mouth" (wink wink nudge nudge). Lily very thought fully asks "Does smoking cause cancer? If you drink marijuana, will you get cancer? I know you will become a drug aleck." I choke and don't know how to respond. Caroline looks up from her phone and says "You smoke marijuana, not drink it." Thanks for your help Caroline! Rob and I explain that yes smoking anything can cause cancer and you shouldn't smoke things. We also add (this is a point of parenting pride with us) that we have never smoked anything in our lives (now don't ask me about Boone's Farm Strawberry wine). I finally asked where this was coming from. She sweetly says "It was on Fox News. Dad left it on this morning."

Of course, this had to become a post. My very funny cousin posted something snarky about what happens to children who watch Fox News, my other cousin was offended by his word choice, and "Cousin War 2013" was born. I tried to be diplomatic and end it, but it finally died down on its own.

I have been thinking about my little family a lot lately. I think that one of the reasons that my girls gravitate toward Latin American friend is that sense of family. The Latin American families that I know here are very family centered. Their children are everything and they spend as much time as possible with their families (this includes extended family). It is nothing to bring family from their country of birth to live with them. Not because they are trying to take over the world, but because they are trying to take care of their family. La familia is everything. I love to listen to how loving Caroline's friends are over the phone to their families. Even the boys have no qualms ending with I love you. When one of my father dropped off his little boy to school, he said "Besos" (kisses) and his little guy ran to kiss him good bye (no embarrassment or cheek rubbing).

Rob and I feel the same way about our girls. We enjoy their company. I really hope to live near enough to be with them as adults. The family across the street from us has their young adult married children living with them. I love watching how they enjoy their time together. The have cookouts and built a snowman during our first snow (then excitedly took a family picture).

Here's to family.

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