Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Feet

Caroline is at scout camp everyday this week and I have promised Lily "adventures" everyday. She is starting dance class next week, so our first adventure was a trip to the mall to get tap and ballet shoes. I am so excited for her. The only thing she loves more than dancing is her baby dolls. Of course she dressed for the occasion by wearing a sparkly pink shirt, her "everyday wear" purple tutu, a purple baseball hat and sparkly purple sunglasses. To quote Tim Gunn "It's a lot of look." Once we got home, she spent the next two hours dancing to the sound track from Cats (my mom took us all to see it on Father's day). She had numerous costume (including shoes) changes while I stopped and started the CD to wait for her. She was the happiest little girl in the world. I was able to convince her to stop for lunch and we sat and chatted about Cats. How magical IS Mr. Mistoffelees? Should Deuteronomy have chosen Grizabella? You know, the usual philosophical thoughts. Then we looked for a Cats DVD on the computer. It was quite an adventure.

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