Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Beauty of a Well Stocked Handbag

A couple of weeks ago, it was time for my annual exam. This is never a very pleasant thing for a woman, but I dutifully went. It had been awhile since I'd been to my doctor's office because of scheduling conflicts. As I reached to open the door, I noticed a new plague by my doctor's name. He was now sharing his office with a urologist. What? Boys in the waiting room of my ob/gyn? Are you kidding? I sat down to wait and an older gentleman who obviously smoked quite a bit sat down next to me. The smell was starting to give me a headache. He was finally called into see the doctor. No sooner had he left than another man sat down next to me. This one reeked of urine! Now along with the headache I started to feel nauseous. I discreetly reached into my purse and pulled out some vanilla hand lotion. I rubbed it all over my hands and then sat their resting my cheek on my hand. I was finally called back and all set to switch doctors after this visit. The thing that I forgot is my doctor is so sweet. He came into the room and instantly gets this dreamy look on his face and says "What is that smell? My wife was wearing perfume like that when I first met her." I didn't have the heart to explain that he'd filled his waiting room with stinky boys and I had no other course of action. So, I sat their in my paper gown and chatted with him about how powerful a scent vanilla is. Once again, I am saved by "Armageddon Bag."

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