Friday, April 16, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere and All of It Is Pee

I did it again. I just survived another week of over scheduled hell:

Friday: Pick up Lily and her friend from school. Drop friend off at house (his mother was in the hospital for surgery) Caroline's birthday, the big twelve. Out to dinner with the family and her BFF. Car started acting up again. Rob po'd, my head pounding. Caroline spills coke in my shoes. Try not to blow my top.

Saturday: Go with girl scout troop Frederick for an underground railroad tour/workshop. Luckily, found another parent to drive in my place, so car could stay home. On way, called dealership to politely insist upon free car rental while car is being repaired on Monday. Request accepted. Come home wash laundry, clean bathrooms.

Sunday: Birthday dinner for my mom and Caroline at my Mom's house. Lurched all the way there (1 1/2 hours). Come home fold laundry, make dinner, plan lessons for week. Head pounding, unable to sleep, up until 1:00.

Monday: Wake up, wash dishes, pack lunches. Drop off car, pic up rental. Nervous about driving car that is not mine. Drove like a nervous 16 year old all the way to school. After school, called dealer ship, car will not be ready until Thursday. Pick up Lily and friend, drop off friend. Make dinner, grade papers. Unable to sleep again, up until 1:00.

Tuesday: After work, pick up Lily and friend, drop off friend. Come home to pick up Caroline and her two friends (their mom was out and I offered to let them stay with us). Check on sick Rob, left Lily with him and took the three other kids to my school to volunteer at Literacy Night. Kids and I served pizza and helped children make bookmarks from 5:30-8:00. Took the kids home. Graded papers. Went up to bed, checked on Lily. She was in our bed, her light was on. Went to turn off light, saw dog had peed on the floor. Curse myself for ignoring the dog, scrub floor. Collapse in bed, fall into deep blissful sleep. Awake at 5:00 to hear Rob ask Lily if she wet the bed. Sheets soaked, mattress soaked, Rob soaked, Lily soaked, Me? soaked and pissed. Luckily, had stuff to clean upstairs from carpet. Change and wash sheet and nightclothes, clean mattress, cover with towels. Unable to return to lovely sleep.

Wednesday: Wake up, wash dishes, dry sheets, pack lunches.... After school rush to preschool to get Lily, rush home to get Caroline. Take her to Girl Scout Service Unit to present her flyer for her service award. Go home, try to grade papers, fall asleep in chair, go up to bed, take towels off bed, Lysol bed, put on new sheets. Blissful, dry sleep.

Thursday: Wake up, wash dishes, pack lunch..... After school dealership calls, car ready. Pick car up, car still lurches, my stomach lurches, Stuck in horrible traffic, miss Caroline's drum lessons. Try not to cry. Rob calls, offers to take over with Lily on Sat so I can go to yoga. Offer accepted. Check info from dealership re: car. Car needs time to adjust to new part. I need patience. Grade paers, up too late.

Friday: Wake up, wash dishes, pack lunches.... Allergies stink, head hurts. Stay late at school to clean room and gather materials for plans. Arrive home, collapse in chair. Wonderful husband orders Chinese food. Spend evening arguing with Caroline about what she should wear to volunteer at band event. Jeans and tee loose, khaki's win. Don't think this is the lasy of this argument.

Saturday: Take Caroline to all day band event at 8:00, pick up at 4:00. Go to Target, get birthday present for Lily's friend. Take Lily to swimming, leave swimming to go to yoga:) while Rob takes her to a party. Go home, clean house. Rob and lily home, go to grocery store (milk's been gone since Thursday am).

Sunday: Go with scouts (on a bus) to a river clean up.

Holy canolli, no wonder I am tired. Of course, I have ended this week exhausted and with the overwhelming feeling that I am doing lots of things, but none of them right.

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