Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Part 3: Now Where Did I leave My Hipwaders?

I spent the drive home pretty annoyed about having to spend my last day of break in the car shop, but really had no choice. I woke up early the next morning and took the car in. Luckily, the dealership has a shuttle service, so I was able to wait at home. I had spent the day before cleaning the house, so I was pretty adamant about keeping it that way. One, well two small problems with that idea: Caroline and Lily. As fast as I picked up, they took apart. I spent the day doing my best drill sargent impression (in between folding many baskets of laundry).

At one point, I sent them outside and Lily came running back in convinced the Easter Bunny had trashed her bike (I think she's confusing him with a leprechaun). I called Rob and confirmed my suspensions, Lily had left her bike behind his car and he backed over it. I am seriously starting to wonder if my kids will be able to grow up to be functioning adults who are able to find things and finish projects.

That night I started dinner and sat down to finish my lesson plans while it was cooking. I had the nagging feeling that I heard water running, but brushed it off as noise from the fan. The running water got louder and I went to look at the guest bathroom. Lily had put the stopper in the sink and keep the taps on! What a mess! I burst into the bathroom to be greeted by a tidal wave from the sink. It had run down through the wall and flooded Stacey's room and closet. I sent Lily up to her room for punishment and to save herself. Caroline jumped into action fetching towels and mopping up pools of water. i can't help, but think she got a kick out of not being the one in trouble.

Rob came home and heard Lily screaming from her room. By the time he made it down to the basement, Lily had tearfully filled him in she'd "flooded the house and wuined Miss Stacey's woom." Caroline and I were ready for fireworks. Rob simply shook his head and dryly commented "When you girls are finished ruining the house let me know and I'll move back in." Humor is the best tension reliever.

I really don't know what it is about Lily and bathrooms. She got bit by a dog on the way to the bathroom, split open her chin in a bathroom, flooded the same bathroom toilet with paper last year, and let's not forget "Lipstick Massacre 2007." Is it because she's a water sign? Is it the fact that bathrooms have water to play in, nice smelling soaps, cute towels, and other colorful things to explore? I don't know, I'm just sick of cleaning them up (add to this fact that she still has bathroom accidents at times and sometimes has a hard time wiping). Just call me the keeper of the commode. I need a vacation to get over this vacation.

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