Thursday, July 5, 2012

Old Habits Never Die, They're Just Reincarnated

Do you remember some of the crazy things that your parents said and did that you swore to God you would never say or do? Did you ever write a list promising never to do those things?  Do you remember the first time you said or did one of those things? Did you feel old? Yeah, me too!

In the past year I have channeled:

My Gramma Hill

Gramma used to be insane about keeping her recliner nice. She would keep the footrest covered with a hand towel. I never understood the reason behind this. Then I dropped a cool chunk of change on my own brown polka dot recliner. It is cute, it is fun, it is comfortable, and the foot rest is being worn away by people's feet! Aha! Now I get it! The only difference is instead of covering it with a raggedy old hand towel, I bought a soft brown one that blends right in. Now when I channel Gramma further by relaxing in my chair at night while wearing my super comfy tee shirt night gown (the modern woman's version of the house coat) and fall asleep, then abruptly wake up to announce emphatically "I was not asleep!", I will be doing it in style.

My Dad

This surprises me too, since although I loved him, we had little in common. That is until my children started kicking my seat while I'm driving. Oh my God, that is so annoying! Dad, I am so sorry that Ken and I ever kicked the back of your seat. Listening to you bellow "Who the hell is kicking my seat? Knock it off goddammit!" was pretty funny. However, saying it is not as much fun.

My Mom

This one does not surprise me at all. My mom was a problem solver and I, for the most part, was a good listener. This was an excellent partnership. I learned the hard way not to procrastinate. Guess who now insists that her kids start their homework on Saturday nights?  See Mom, the nagging worked. I also am the master of dancing while driving. This one I own and I don't care how embarrassing it is. Actually, isn't embarrassing your teen one of the perks of raising one?

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