Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well Hello

Where have I been you ask? What's been going on? Well at least those of you who still check this dusty site are. This winter has been like every other winter and not at all the same. First of all there was no snow. I can't emphasize that enough. No snow! That's like Christmas with no presents. No exciting gift of a day to spend doing nothing, but just being, no calm stillness of falling snow. This winter did not seem calm or quiet at all. Consequently, I have had no rest or reflection. I have tried to grab it in snippets and bits but that hasn't helped at all. Especially when you are like me, the woman who can't say no, who can't stop offering to help. Currently, I have my school's PTA, Lily's school advisory council, superintendent's advisory council, dance class for Lily, drums for Caroline, scout leader for Caroline, scouts for Lily, teaching, and managing a house (sort of). What else is new.

What is new? Caroline rocked the timpani, triangle, and tambourine at district band. She can honestly play. That just amazes me and my tone deaf self. Lily was tested for the gifted and talented program and we discovered that: Lily has the test scores but does not have the products. In other words Lily is too busy being Lily and loving life to stop and try to impress us. I think that i am ok with having a child who loves life to it's fullest. Maybe I can make up a bumper sticker "My wise guy kid made your uptight honor student laugh." We have all been pretty healthy (there was no winter after all). I got hit with a beginning of spring sinus infection. I brought it on myself by pushing and ignoring how sick I was. It finally hit me the night that I dropped my engagement ring down the bathroom sink and called Rob in the middle of a business dinner crying hysterically. I took the next day off.

I've been reading as much as possible. I really enjoyed The Friendship Bread Club and Romancing Miss Bronte. I enjoyed the Miss Bronte book so much that I am revisiting Jane Eyre. I have been in a "Regency State of Mind" lately, drinking cup upon cup of Constant Comment tea and mucking about pulling the dead weeds out of my garden. Speaking of my garden (you know the "Miss Havisham" garden), maybe I'll read Great Expectations next.

My hand is completely healed, except for the fact that I can't put pressure on it. That means no plank pose and no down dog. That also means that I flop about in yoga like a fish out of water, adjusting and readjusting my hand.

I miss blogging. I just can't seem to get to it or the laundry or grading papers or any of the ten thousand other obligations that I have. I am in such a busy season of my life. I know that it will pass by so quickly, though. I'll have time to blog then, but what on earth will I talk about?

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