Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Apologies

It seems like once a month I write a post apologizing for not posting more often. Well, this time no apologies. Life is just going at a break neck pace. It's been busy, but not unpleasantly so. I am in the thick of the "mom taxi years." There's dance and drums and scouts and swim. There's yoga for me and PTA and Advisory Councils. Life is full and I am trying to keep up. This past week has been wonderful because I've had no choice but to slow down. I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand the Friday before Christmas. Tonight is my full out typing test run. My fingers tingle but work. So far so good. We went at a steady clip before Christmas: parties and events almost every weekend, frantic cleaning and wrapping, and marathon baking. All that needed to be done was cook Christmas dinner and Rob handled that. We tried very hard to keep it simple this year and it worked out quiet well. The tree looked a little bare with fewer gifts, but no one seemed to suffer. Our newest member, Buffy, seemed to have the most fun. When I watched the video of the girls opening their gifts, you can see a frantic white terrier leaping in the background carrying her new toys from room to room.

Speaking of Buffy: first thing after my hand heals, that stinker is going to obedience school. She is almost 2 years old and carries on like she is 4 months old. She dug out from under the fence the night before my surgery and led Caroline and I on a wild goose chase through the neighborhood. We'd get a few feet away, she'd stop, play bow, and dash off. She manged to escape again on Christmas, this time cutting herself. Yesterday, the little fool dug so hard she broke a nail and then led Rob dashing after her in the mud around and around the yard. She finally willingly went over to our neighbor. Rob's response once we were in the house "Great Buffy, the neighbors already think that we are idiots! Now you made us look like jackasses too!"

OK, I guess everything isn't completely perfect. Perfect is boring anyway!

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