Saturday, November 5, 2011

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Of course it has been crazy busy around here. Do I know any other way to live? I thought that after three years teaching first grade, it would be easier, but there are some many new things this year (like an electronic grade book that hates me). October was the month of: broken dishwasher, hot water heater, washing machine, husband traveling to California for a week, mom with a month long sinus infection, teenager dating, dog chewing important things like American Girl Dolls, and six year old just being six. Despite all the chaos and utter exhaustion, I am going to focus on what we are doing right.

I just read a study that said 40% of children from 0-8 have a T.V. in their room and access to a smart phone type device. This is the one time that I can pat myself on the back. Every other study has me feeling like I've invited the Grim Reaper himself to be my girls' god parent. I don't serve all organic food, I let them watch T.V., they eat processed food, and they have very warped and highly inappropiate senses of humor. BUT, they don't have their own T.V.'s or smart phones. Heck, I don't have a smart phone. The dog just chewed the finger off of the expensive AG doll, there is no way any fancy phone if coming into this mill of destruction.

As for the T.V., that's one area where I have taken a firm stand. Sure we're are a processed food eating, movie watching, T.V. watching family, but we do it as a family. No one is going off to be isolated. It is in the den. There is one in the basement and our room, but they are rarely used. I've stopped feeling guilty about T.V. because that is our family togetherness time. And it is a rowdy good time! We love comedies and sit here and laugh together until our eyes water. Then we repeat our favorite lines over and over for the rest of the week (or in Rob's case, the year). We watch nature documentaries and provide our own witty commentary, usually involving poop or gas jokes. We love to watch shows about antique collectors. They usually lead to Rob or I sharing a story about our grandparents.

It has occurred to me that our T.V. is our modern version of the family fireplace. We are around it all together, engaged. Henceforth, I feel no more guilt! As long as we are doing stuff together and having fun, we're good!

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