Friday, September 10, 2010

Back on the Chain Gang

Well things got really crazy and a little scary after my last post. My poor Callie ended up being really sick. That Tuesday I took her to the vet and thought she wasn't going to pull through. I had to leave her at the vet for two nights. When I left her I was hysterical. We got Callie the day we found out we were pregnant with Caroline. Our family began with that little dog. Luckily, she pulled through, but needed a week of medicine and special meals. I spent my planning week boiling chicken and rice for her dinner and trying to cram pills down her throat. I couldn't hide them in cheese (she wasn't allowed to have it), but later in the week decided to use peanut butter. Only a fool like me would sit on the floor and let a dog lick peanut butter off her finger. Really, I would have done anything, we were so happy to have our little girl back!

In the middle of this week I also took Caroline to the podiatrist to look at her wart. He was so nice believes he can remove it without cutting. In the course of one week I went from felling like worst dog/kid parent to believing I could turn it all around. I was so happy, I didn't even mind when Rob went out of town for work.

I was able to make it to yoga, and organize my classroom, and take care of the dog, and floss the kids teeth (oh yeah, they have lots of cavities, found that out 2 weeks ago). Anyway, the point is I'm not perfect, but I'm getting better at calmly juggling. I think that's the key. Here's to a crazy new school year!

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