Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winding Down

When summer began it seemed like endless stretches of time open to us and now I ready to start back to school shopping. Of course I am filled with the "I've been jipped!" feeling that you get when something that you have been waiting for for so long is over.

I have had a perfectly lovely summer, so I don't know why I feel so discontented. Maybe I need a recap?

We went to Busch Gardens over the fourth of July and had a great time! The highlight was dinner with Elmo. Lily was so excited. The characters spent so much time with the kids, they even let them get up on stage and dance with them. there was none of the "rock star" aura that the characters at Disney seem to have. I was very charmed by Ernie, he was so sweet and kept "booping" Lily's nose. I think Caroline enjoyed Cookie Monster ( he was the entertaining "drunk uncle" of the crew).

Lily spent a lot of time with her new fixations: Cats, dancing, Mr. Mistoffles, her doll Susan, butterfly watching, Madeline, Fancy Nancy, and Eloise books, and learning to swim in a strange writhing mermaid manner. there was also a fair bit of dress up of her favorite characters.

Caroline spent a great deal of time texting and requesting to see her friends. I complied with her request and have had a rotating number of girls going with us to the pool. I took her and a friend to see Eclipse ( truly dreadful series, but I'll spare you the rant). I had to sit far away from them like some sort of 40 something freak who would go to see Eclipse by herself. They of course had a wonderful time. She is currently obsessed with the series Lost and has been watching it every possible night. Of course she is deep in a few different series of books. There have also been drum lessons.

Me? Well I have read like a starving woman. I do believe that I have read about 20 books so far, but have not had the time to keep the lists that I used to. This is really a pain when I go to find a book by an author that I enjoyed, but can't remember the name. I did find a new favorite author Carol Goodman who write literary type mysteries. Perfect summer reading and it uses some of my English degree which is a bonus. I just stumbled upon her when I picked up one of her books In The Night villa and read the review on the back. The gist of it was: entertaining enough for the beach, but intellectual enough to be seen with at the Hamptons. So I think "Oooh, the Hamptons, I've always wanted to be like the Barefoot Countessa!" I know no logic, but I found the most addictive and awesome books. They are the kind of books you stay up to 2am reading. I also started cross stitching again. I really wanted to make a present for my future sister in law and I'm almost done. I've been going to Yoga or Pilates 2-3 times a week. I haven't lost any weight (damn pie), but I feel better and want to keep up the classes during the school year.

As a unit we've gone to a few movies: Toy Story for Rob and Lily, Eclipse for Caroline and Me, Grown Ups for Rob and I, Despicable me for all four of us (very cute movie), and Sorcerer's Apprentice for Caroline Ellen and I. We also took Ellen bowling while she was visiting and had a few trips out for ice cream. Of course, there has been lots and lots of pool time.

We still have a trip to CT and want to go see Ramona and Beezus. Really all in all it has been a very nice summer. I guess I'm just sad to see it go.

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