Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just Keep Laughing

Enough about me, back to the real reason for this blog: my goofy girls! The older Lily gets the more I realize that the days of her saying the most unintentionally funny things are drawing to a close. Some days I regret not trying to have a third (although not today after they managed to break the sensor on the garage door), but most of the time I feel pretty comfortable with where we are in life. Caroline has started watching Lily for very short periods of time. This is really going to help once I am back to taking more classes.

Rob and I are big fans of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, in large part this is due to the fact that Lily reminds us of the character Sheldon. She is so smart, but misunderstands what seem like simple things. The other day she looked at Rob and said "I'm not going to give you are hard time. I'm supposed to save drama for Mom ("Save the drama for your mama"). Thanks honey, I get enough of that from your big sis, you really can share some with Daddy.

Lily loves boys. She just doesn't get the drama of little girls (friends one day and enemies the next), besides, boys will do whatever she asks. Currently, she has six boy friends. One of them is from Ghana and one of his first clear English words is "Lily." Another is Alex, who is as bright and funny as Lily. I drove him home from school a couple of times and they couldn't breathe from laughing at each other (About what? I don't know.) Alex is adopted (it is pretty obvious, he's African-American and his parents are white, his family is pretty open about it). Last weekend, Caroline asked us if he was adopted. I said yes, I don't think it's a big deal. Rob starts to hiss ixnee and I can't figure out why. All of the sudden Lily shouts "Well, if he's adopted, I'm not playing with him." After I recovered from my shock I asked her what she thought adopted meant. She responded "They picked him up from the shelter." Does my child really think there's a room at the animal shelter for children? It never ceases to amaze me how two siblings can be so different: Dreamy Caroline and Literal Lily.

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