Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And the Beat Goes On

I feel like I am living a tween version of fame around here. Caroline has tapped into her inner artsy side. I couldn't be happier or prouder. The long awaited garage band concert was a couple of weekends ago. I was very impressed. She was so nervous, she looked like she was going to her execution. All she could focus on was her mistakes, but all I could see was a very brave, all be it shy, eleven year old drumming in front of strangers. I couldn't do that even now.

This week she tried out for drama club. They are putting on High School Musical, not her favorite show, but she's game for it. She signed up for either a part on stage or stage crew (her cousin Luke has convinced her that the coolest kids do stage crew).

It is amazing to see her blossom into her own person. I watch as she walks to the bus each morning, all tall and lanky, dragging her drum case behind her, and it feels like I am watching her leave me forever. When I get home she pounces on me and chatters away with the stories and adventures of the day. She is making a life in which she is the star and I am no longer the director, but the stage crew. I am here behind the scenes, but she is out there in the spot light without me, thriving. I feel the strangest combination of pride and sadness. It is a beautiful emotion.


Elizabeth MacBride said...

Nice images, the shift from director to stage crew particularly.


mooserbeans said...

Thank you. I wish that I had more time to post more often.