Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime and the Livin's......

I took the girls to the pediatrician for check ups today. It's only four days into summer break and they both already look like the poster children for what not to do in the summer. Their shoulders are sunburned nice and pink (I used sunscreen!) and Lily's legs have been eaten alive by mosquitoes (I used bug spray!). I wanted to tell the doctor that at least it proves I've taken them outside. The doctor didn't mind their state. But while we were waiting in the office, I thought of some summer predictions.

This summer I will repeatedly say the following (to play along try to guess which remark goes to which kid, no Rob does not count as a kid):

Your shoes are on the wrong feet. Switch them.
Get off the phone. Get off the phone, now!
Get off the computer. No not in ten minutes, now!
Leave her alone!
Popsicles are not breakfast, even though there's a picture of fruit on the front.
Come get sunscreen!
No TV. Not even a minute.
It's summer, you can't wear that.
I know it's not raining, but when it thunders pool's closed.
Who took my MP3 player?!
No, you can't have money for the ice cream man. There are Popsicles in the fridge.
Get down from there!
Come back, that's too deep.
Share with your sister!

I will be doing the following:

Traveling to both CT and IL with the kids. Visit will be fun, drive will be hell.
Chilling at the pool.
Using an entire bottle of red nail polish (girls need cute toe nails).
Using at least a bottle of sunscreen a week.
Using boxes and boxes of Aveeno oatmeal bath (poor itchy Lily).
Eating/passing out cases of Popsicles.
Spending countless hours at the library.
Reading a healthy balance of intellectual/brain candy.
Watching lots of Food Network.
Going through a gallon of bubbles.
Eating JoJo's ice cream at least three times.

Seems like a good start! Happy summer and wear sunscreen!


Anonymous said...

have a great summer

Katie said...

So when can the Gosney's come over to visit and have some fun? We are definitely up for some pool time. :)