Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goody Goody 101

Caroline has been learning a lot about making the right choices lately. She is either asocial butterfly or a good student. She can't balance both. Her science grade had started slipping, so we brought down the hammer and she had to cut back on hanging out with her friends at school. She brought her grade up, but has paid the price. Girls can be so fickle and nasty. She got one girl spreading silly lies about her and Caroline feels she turned all of her friends against her. I tend to stay out of these things. I know how quickly it all passes, but it doesn't make her hurt or my hurt for her any less.

We had a good talk about the whole thing. She said that when she hung out with this girl she felt bad because she was always saying mean things about other people. Caroline said she never joined in, but still felt bad. I told her that she'd always run into people who were nasty or broke the rules and never got caught, but they end up unhappy as adults. Not sure if that's true. I'm dealing with my own work nastiness right now and chose to take the high road. The high road is lonely and has few rewards, but I can live with myself at least.

Caroline and I have been having a good time lately. Last weekend, I took her to a careers for girls conference. She had a ball. Now she wants to be a photojournalist. But the other day she shyly whispered that she might really want to be a teacher. How proud am I? It is wonderful and frightening to watch her make her path in the world. She amazes me with her choices some days.

PS We are on our way to Disney! We surprised the girls with a trip (the price was right). Unfortunately, my poor Caroline is sick. I'm afraid she has strep and am trying to figure out how to find a Dr in Florida on a Sunday. Doesn't Mickey play a Dr on T.V.?

The next post will focus on the insanity on packing for Disney with the world's most destructive and curious preschooler. I needed a "happy hour" after that nightmare.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa! Just thought I'd leave you a thing Caroine might be interested in reading...easy read meant for 3rd grade and up by American Girl.It's titled, "Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends : Dealing with Bullies and Bossiness and Finding a Better way" .This sort of thing has been happening already here with the "little girls" and it was a great vehical to begin these sort of dialogues with my girl.

have a great time at Disney! i'll be waiting patiently for your next bolg!