Friday, November 14, 2008

The Fabulous Life

I've wondered if I should write about my weekend evenings because I am afraid that people will just get too jealous. They usually involve watching a movie form Netflicks (one I've usually had for at least three weeks) and folding 5-6 baskets of laundry. I know, I'm a party animal! Last weekend, I mixed it up by staying up until 1 am typing 19 progress reports for school.

Well, I think tonight was the topper in excitement. I watched a "hilarious and award winning" movie on the computer entitled "Lice, from Head to Dead." Actually, it was informative, I learned exactly how to annihilate the little buggers (olive oil!) and that it takes about an hour to hunt through a head of hair looking for nits. Apparently there are "nit picking experts" who offered such advice as "Relax and smile" and "Don't let them watch TV while you do it, they move too much" (although nothing was said about offering a banana while grooming).

After research and grooming, I found no lice on the girls' heads, I'll check again in the recommended 3-4 days. No, I'm not psycho, here. My poor sitter's daughter was sent home on Wed. with nits. My sitter, being the take charge plucky gal she is mobilized her forces (husband) and tore apart the house. Hopefully we are out of the woods. Of course, at the word lice we all started itching, but we are a naturally itchy bunch of women.

Well, the kids are asleep. It laundry time!

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