Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Eternal Optimist

I sent this rambling email to two of my BFFs the night of the election:

Is it OK to be excited? To feel like this is history in the making? Every time one of my conservative friends hears that I voted for Obama, they look at me as if I just voted for the tooth fairy (for the record, Caroline says Santa would have her vote). Is my liberal and optimistic status that well hidden? Or are they blind? I wear Birkenstocks and carry a Coexist tote bag for the love of God (not to stereo type). I am ready for it to be done. This is why I read the end of the book first. I hate waiting. I am too hyper to sit still. When my hope and optimism goes away, lock me up.

Rambling over. Cross your fingers.

peace and love,

I really was that excited. I love voting and get so excited about elections. I got to know Rob during election season our Senior year. That was 1988. Can you guess who wanted which candidate? That was the beginning of our bi-partisan marriage. The thing that I remember most from that time was how passionate we felt about our beliefs. It seems that we lose that as we grow older and life and reality beats us down. I look at everything waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have started scanning other people's actions, looking for their angle. I find myself wondering how people are going to try to stick it to me today.

When did I become such a cynic? I need a reason to be hopeful. I need to get back some of that hope and belief that I had when I was a teen. Granted, Melissa, the teenager, would never survive in the real world, but maybe she needs to hang out with Melissa, the very up tight, over extended adult, to remind her that the world has some very good qualities. What kind of message am I sending to my daughters (especially the oldest who has my pie in the sky leanings)?

So, I am going to be optimistic. I am going to believe that something wonderful is happening. I am going to relish recalling this historical event with my grandchildren. I'll just do it with caution and realism.


Ellen said...

I felt exactly the same way about the election. You know how much of a cynic I can be, and that's why I felt/feel so strongly for Obama's cause. Because he has brought me hope, not only for our country in general but for the American people and for my generation. My dad let me vote for him, was amazing, to say the least haha!
Love you Missy! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!!

mooserbeans said...

Ellen, You give me hope for the next generation (not to be cheesy). It is so wonderful to see younger people so passsionate and excited! I can't wait to see you either.