Friday, October 31, 2008

King meet the King

Ah, so many things rattling in my brain. I was going to comment on the election, but naah, I won't. It's been a long week (this was actually the calmest Halloween school day ever. Well, excluding the fact that I marched into Caroline's class dressed as a moose leading the first grade story book parade. Oops.)

Despite the insanity at work (paper work, meetings, paper work, meetings....), I have really been enjoying the girls lately. The other morning we were heading to school (on time!). I had Elvis playing and we were just jamming along. Suddenly I heard a strange roaring sound behind me. Lily had started up her mechanical T Rex. I looked in the back and he was leading a kick line and roaring along. Gives a whole new spin to All Shook Up. The funniest part is Caroline was ,yet again, calmly reading, ignoring the goofiness around her. Why can't she dredge up this same inner calmness at night when Lily is chasing her around yelling "Eeexcellent!"? She goes from zen to insane.

It's trick or treat time and Lily is actually out in a costume! Yeah! I have finally figured out that I have to a. not make things a big deal and b. act like I don't care. Her school parade was Thurs and she was the funkiest fairy ever (hot pink tutu, green glitter wings, rainbow striped tights, and hot pink cowboy boots!). When we got to school, she stripped out of the wings and tutu. I calmly left her with her teacher and prayed she'd change her mind. I didn't try to bribe her or shame her. I didn't worry about the fact that I had taken an hour off to watch the parade. I just went outside to wait with our sitter. When the parade came by, there was Lily in the front, in full costume, beaming and waving. I guess we are both growing up.

Well the monsters are back. Time for the sleep over portion (Caroline and her two BFF's). Sweet dreams.

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