Friday, October 17, 2008

Always Blooming

I was always a late bloomer. Which explains why, now after everyone and his/her mother has a blog, that I am starting. Mostly it is a way to share my surreal parenting stories without jamming my friends' inbox.

Shortly after Lily was born, Caroline asked me which girl I loved more. I gave her the pat "I love each of you in different ways." She of course demanded details and examples. I came up with Wonder and Joy. Caroline, with her big heart and bigger ideas, is my wonder. Lily, with her wise guys ways and silly sense of humor, is my joy. Three years later, it still holds true.

I have been thinking a lot about the wonder portion of my duo. Maybe it's the change in the seasons or the change in her, but Caroline seems to take my breathe away almost daily now. I was always so worried about the basics: sleeping, eating, learning to read and write. I never realized that what she is learning now at 10 is more important than all of that. I can see the kind of woman that she will grow to be and she is turning into a pretty neat person. She's the kind of kid that I would have loved to have had as a friend.

The other morning we were late (my fault as usual, but I never own up to it). After hearing lecture 120 entitled "The next time I want you to....," the back seat got quite. Lily was singing to herself and Caroline was reading. She looked so beautiful. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail with a wide headband (this weeks signature look) and she was completely and serenely engrossed.

Every week she tries out a slightly different personality, but it is always the same variation of a cool little person. She bounces from rocker chic to eco warrior to librarian. Her take on cliches is funny. She is concerned that she can't hang out with the "smart kids" because she plays the drums and likes to wear black (I blame Disney for this misconception). Once I set her straight, she seemed to like the idea of not really fitting into one category. She has so many interests and passions.

I just have to say that even though 10 can be very frustrating (she's a smart ass and very impatient), I think that it is the most rewarding age yet. I am proud that we have helped create this budding adult. It feels like Rob and I are standing on the edge of a cliff. She's ready to fly at any moment, but are we ready to let her go?


5 kids said...

I love that I can read about my little ones. I keep hugging them thinking it wont be long. they probaby think I am crazy. Good going girl.

BTH said...

Well, of course, I'm going to follow your blog. I'll just need instructions since I don't know the definition of a blog, never considered myself a jogger or blogger, and hope I never get blogged. So if YOU think you're out of touch......I loved reading Wonder and Joy and think you are a wonderful and joyous mother (and writer) for referring to Caroline and Lily as such. Are they always Wonder and Joy or do their names change to depict their actions? I could come up with a couple....Happy for you that you started something you've been wanting to do and happy for me that I get to read these inspiring stories.

mooserbeans said...

I usually think of them as Wonder and Joy all of the time. Sometimes Wonder is "I wonder when she'll pick up her junk?" and Joy is "Oh joy, she dumped crayons all over the floor." I'm gald you guys liked it.

mooserbeans said...

See, I really can't spell. I meant glad, not gald. This is going to drive my editor friend nuts.

Katie said...

Yes, I can definitely see where you are coming from when I watch Kyra and Ryley and now Tara. I always look to Caroline as a litmus strip to see how Kyra is going to act at a certain age. I love your stories and I love your blog. Now I can get my fill of Simpson craziness!!!! Love it!!!