Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lucy, You Got Some 'Splaining to Do!

Despite my efforts to be an community minded intellectual who has her crap together, I still do the stupidest things. I am Lucille Ball.

I have had an on and off perpetual cold all winter (occupational hazard). Last week, it amped up and kicked my butt. According to Rob, I am not getting much air at night ( I know, get my tonsils out, but it will have to wait until I can take time off). Consequently, I have been very tired. Tuesday night all I wanted was an avocado. I was holding it, pitting it (recklessly according to my oldest), when the knife slipped and stuck in my palm. It wasn't very deep, but it was still a shock to look at my hand and see a knife (well, the tip of one) in it. I called "Rob, I stabbed my hand with a knife." He wasn't even surprised. He looked at my hand and decided it wasn't deep enough for stitches. Instead of my normal cursing, I started crying "All I wanted was a stupid avocado!" Caroline handed me a bandage (with averted eyes), and Rob simply told me to go to bed and get some sleep.

After sleep, we were able to make jokes "Were you trying to perform your own carpal tunnel surgery?" "I thought I'd try blood letting as a way to get rid of this cold."

It hurt like crazy for a few days (it was in my left hand, which is the one I haven't had surgery on yet) and I kept it wrapped so neither the kids or I would bump it. I was worried that I had really messed up my hand, but like most of my other screw ups, it was more of a minor annoyance.

PS I am buying a special mouth guard so I can sleep. I also had another avocado on Thursday night. I used kitchen tongs to pit it. It was delicious!

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