Monday, September 1, 2014

This is Why I Don't Wear White

After one of the mildest summers on record, Summer has decided to show herself. On Labor Day weekend. Right as the pools are closing and the schools are opening. This also means evening thunder storms.

Yesterday was a normal "August type" day. However, I have grown used to the cool and thought I was going to melt with temps in the humid 90's. I decided to wear one of my mom's flowy, breezy, hippy-dippy sundresses. I felt daring (and hot as all heck), so I chose the gauzy white one. I paired it with big earrings, and felt very bohemian and super comfy. I got through an entire day without spilling a thing on it. That evening the skies grew dark and thunder started rolling. Rob and Caroline went out to get ice cream while Lily and I hung out at home. I took the dog out for one last time before we settled in for a movie.

Our backyard has no lights, so I take her out in the front at night. Buffy does not like wet grass one bit. Lightening cracked, thunder boomed, Buffy tugged, and off slipped her collar. I tried to tackle her in the driveway, but all I managed to do was scrape my leg and knuckle. I ran in the house, called Rob, and dashed back out to hop in the car with Lily.

By this time it had started to rain. Picture me standing at the end of a court, in the pouring rain, wearing a white dress, yelling "Buffy, baby, come back!!!" It was like a twisted 80's music video. I chased her from house to house. She was in such a panic. All she wanted was to get into a house. One of my neighbors came out of his house to see why a crazy woman was standing on his lawn yelling in the rain. I explained and he got into his car, pulled it into his driveway, and sat there for the rest of the show.

I finally cornered her on a porch. I scooped her up and carried her across the court. I passed her to Lily and then noticed that my hand was bleeding. GD dog! I stumbled into the house, white dress plastered to me, hair dripping, and hand bleeding.  I told Rob that I'd lost my knuckle. He quipped

"You'll find it in the driveway in the morning." (of course Lily woke up this morning and wanted to go look for my knuckle)

I smelled like wet dog, rain water, and blood. But all I could think about was the fact that I really thought I'd lost my dog. What kind of stupid dog runs away in the middle of a storm without id? The sort of dog who belongs to an owner who hasn't managed to trained her to come when called, that's who.

Oh well, I'd rather lose skin than my dog.

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