Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ok, unless you have been living in the woods in a cave, I am sure that you have heard that The Perfect Storm is coming. Yes folks, Frankenstorm is on it's way. And in other surprising news, I am here at the house with the girls and animals riding it out alone. Rob is on his way to San Francisco for work. It seems like every time his away, there is a major weather event, animal hijinks, or an appliance mishap. Just read back through my blog, the evidence is there.

Rob did his best to make sure we were ready before he left. We cleared the leaves and ran errands. I dropped him off at the airport this a.m. and he had his own wacky hijinks (without me!). His flight was cancelled, his luggage was sent on another flight, he got a new flight to L.A. and a rental car, so he could go and get his luggage. By the time he shared all of this with me, he was talking in his super calm "I am going to be polite even though my head is ready to explode" voice. I noted this and he responded, "yeah most everyone else wasn't this calm." I love the fact that I am married to one of the most polite guys in the world. I hope that his patience provided a small bit of calm to the ticket taker's day.

Here at home, we simply had to wait. I got gas, took the girls to the library, and cleaned the house. Lily was abnormally calm. She played with her friend at the end of the street and she cleaned her room. Well, that is an over statement. She started to clean her room, and then in typical Lily fashion, located some long lost items that she had forgotten about. Every item was brought to me, reminisced about, and then taken upstairs to be played with. She also found over $12 in change! Caroline on the other hand, spent an entire day dorking around with her homework. She'd read a question, text someone, look up an answer, check Facebook to see if school was closed, complain about the unfairness of life, check her Tumbler, write an answer, make an odd disgruntled noise, read another question, check her Twitter and so on, for 18 social studies questions! At least she had the decency to declare "I am being a real pain, I know!" I was starting to get worried that the county would call school closed before she was finished. I could envision another day spent in this pit of procrastination hell. She finished and the county declared school closed! Perfect timing.

Now it is dark and we are watching the storm slowly approach on the weather channel. As the menacing green blog starts to engulf NoVa, we make Jaws-like doom sounds. Seriously, I hope the trees in our yard stay where they are and do not decide to break through the window and join our "movie watching, freezer clearing" party. Hopefully, they don't smell the fries, frozen pizza, and Lean Cusines and climb on in.  I want to spend the next two days in a safe cozy cocoon with most of the people that I love best (oh and preferably with power). I wish the same for everyone in the path of Frankenstorm. Stay safe, stay dry friends!

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