Sunday, September 4, 2011


The weekend after our little earthquake we got hit by Hurricane Irene. Luckily for us, it was mostly a bad storm, wind, rain, and no power outage. I written before about how we Simpson's handle big storms. First we reasonably prepare, then we hibernate! Around here in NoVA, people tend to panic at the idea of a weather event. Traffic is snagged, cell service goes down, and the stores are insane (tell me why people need to buy all of the toilet paper, milk, eggs, and bread?). We have learned to "stay calm and carry on."

Rob watched movies, Caroline watched T.V. through the Wii, Lily watched a movie of her own, and I read. I also made the best meatloaf ever. While the wind roared and lashed outside, we were cozy and calm inside. Until.......

Lily came downstairs for dinner. She'd been upstairs playing quietly (rookie parenting mistake, I know). Her eyes were red rimmed and swollen; she looked like she had been beat up. We thought that she had put something on her face and had an allergic reaction. Lily is going through a frustrating lying phase. I am frustrated because I never know the truth, and she is frustrated because she has spent a good part of the summer in time out. We pumped her for info and dragged her from room to room trying to find what she touched. I washed her face with a cool cloth, but it still looked terrible. Finally, I decided to eat dinner. I really couldn't enjoy my meatloaf at all.

After dinner, I decided to give her a shower and lay another cool clothe across her eyes. If it didn't improve, we were going to have to take her to the ER in a tropical storm. As I got the shower ready, I asked her one more time what she touched. She led me to my bathroom and handed it to me: pink lip liner! It washed right off in the shower!

Who needs natural disasters for excitement? We have Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornado, Earthquake, Blizzard Lily!

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