Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Furry Baby

Most people get their first "practice baby" (read dog) a year before they have the baby. Rob and I got ours the very day we found out we were going to have the human baby. On August 20, 1997, Rob and a very nauseous me went to the pound to "look" at dogs. No leash, no plan, just us. We left with a hyper terrier mix on a 20 foot rope. As we drove down the highway, our new dog leapt over the seat and landed in Rob's lap and proceeded to madly lick his face as he tried to navigate the road. We went home to find a smaller rope so we could take her to the pet store and outfit her with the necessary items. In my excitement to leave, I shut the door and locked us out of our new home. It didn't matter, we were so excited. After breaking into our house, getting the keys, and going to the store, we came home and took a pregnancy test. The rest is history.

Callie was the best little dog, even at her naughtiest. She ran away, stole socks, ate dirty diapers, and loved Caroline's ducky booties. She led us through a cornfield chase, the stalks shaking like something out of a slasher flick, but instead of running away, we were running to a very small, agile, stubborn dog. She got to ride up front and hang out the window. She kept Caroline company after school and chilled with me on the nights that I couldn't sleep. She was a true diva. We joked that if Callie could talk, she speak of herself in the first person. She refused to sit or lay on cold hard floor. She perfected the pose "pretty dog" head cocked, one paw up, waiting for a treat. She learned how to carry her dish to us when she was hungry. She could also bark like a maniac, especially when there was a sleeping baby.

Today, we had to put her to sleep. She developed cancer and internal bleeding very suddenly. We decided to let her go with dignity. Callie will be missed, but never forgotten. She helped us start our family. We love you, Callie Bo Ballie!

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