Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tis The Season

I am determined to make this holiday season, less "jingle hell" than usual. The weekend after Thanksgiving, I pulled out the holiday cookie cutters to use to cut Lily's sandwiches, cranked up the holiday music and got ready to have new flooring installed. We got new carpet put in the den and living room and hardwood in the dining room. I have a huge teapot collection and family books. It took us all Friday night to move all of the loose and breakable things out of those rooms. I took the dining room and rob took the living room. We both plugged away shouting jokes back and forth, all was merry. Before we knew it the entire kitchen and eating area was full of china and old books. The last things to move were the desks. Rob is notoriously difficult to move furniture with. He expects you to read his mind. He fusses at me to "push it" and I ask "push it this way?" Of course he has to turn it into a dirty joke and I chastise "Quit acting so horny." Of course Lily is behind me and asks "Why is Daddy corny?" Rob said it had to do with his jokes while I sat on the floor laughing hysterically. After we had moved the furniture into the kitchen it looked like my Gramma Hill's attic. The kids went to bed and we sat down to relax. I looked around and realized my purse was gone. I asked Rob what he did with my school things that were in the living room. He replied that it was in the middle of the kitchen. We climbed over the furniture like mountain goats to search for my purse, but it wasn't there. We started searching all over the house. Normally, I would have been annoyed, but this sort of thing happens so often around here that I can only laugh. As I was hunting around upstairs, I heard the door open and close. When I came downstairs, Rob was standing in the foyer holding my purse. "I guess, I put it on the porch. I wanted to get it out of the way." Sorry, Honey, but that story got quite a few laughs last week at work:)

Unfortunately, that was my last laugh. Rob ended had to go out of town for work and I ended up with 2-3 meetings everyday and at least 2 activities per kid every night. The week ended with a very difficult conference. By the time Rob got home I was a little bit of a wreck.

So far this has been a really nice weekend. Rob went shopping with me and we managed to finish all of the Christmas shopping in one day. He did it all without a complaint and was really helpful. Then I came home and started baking cookies for tomorrow. Our friends are coming over tomorrow with their kids to decorate cookies. I really hope that next week goes well.

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