Saturday, November 14, 2009

In My Opinion

Right after Caroline was born there was a show on TV that listed the greatest inventions of all time. It was broadcast over a few nights and Rob and I eagerly awaited each episode. We are suckers for lists and made bets on what would be number one. It was the printing press. I agree whole heartily with that one, even thought that wasn't my guess. I now humbly submit my list of the greatest inventions, concepts, stuff that make my life better. These are in no specific order and subject to change on any day at any time:)

DVR- My favorite shows, any time without commercials? Awesome! The ability to say "Guys we have to go just DVR it"? Priceless.

The computer and all of it's time suck activities that draw in a techo -peasant such as myself- Email great, but Facebook with the chance to catch up with friends and see their pictures? That's even better. Just don't send me quizzes or ask me for crap for Farmville or Mafia Wars.

Blogging- I know, this falls under computer, but it deserves it's own category. I get to write, which I love and see what other parents are up to. I have found so many people like me through blogging. I am not alone! My life isn't as crazy as I thought either.

Diet Coke with Lime- What's in this stuff? Crack? Holy cannoli it's the best tasting thing in the world (well, next to a nice cup of tea). Like some sort of addict, I limit myself to one and slowly nurse it through the afternoon.

Cookies! -I don't need to say anything else.

Pumpkin pancakes- I think that I am hungry.

GPS- I can now travel without the fear of getting lost of rear ending someone because I am fumbling with a map. Plus, when I inevitably make a wrong turn, it helps me find my way.

Birkenstocks- Oh my happy feet!

Polar fleece- Warmth without itchy wool.

J Jill- God, I wish I could afford these clothes. Our outlet is closed and I think the entire chain is in trouble. This could be a fleeting love.

Slings- Couldn't have survived "Velcro Baby" without one.

Noggin- Appropriate shows for Lily anytime.

Netflicks- So many movies, so many choices, so many surprises when I forget to update my que and random forgotten movies stream into my mailbox.

Artistic-ish reality shows- Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Cake Challenge, Ace Of Cakes.... I love them and so do the girls. Fun for all!

Well, this list could go on, but I'll end with one final item....

The printing press! Without books I would loose my mind and I think we'd loose civilized society. Screw the Kindle, give me a real book and a library any day!

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