Friday, July 24, 2009


Dog safety and bite prevention has been quite a topic around our house this year. It was a scout troops Bronze award and is something Caroline is quite well versed in. Part of the motivation was the fact that her cousin got bit pretty badly in the face three years ago by the family dog. It just happened. No one was at fault. Well, the same thing happened to us last night.

We are visiting the family in Illinois and last night Lily got bit by Rob's uncle's very old beagle. The dog had snuck into the house and was in the trash. Lily walked by, startled her , and got bit. Luckily, I was right behind her and got her before the dog got near her face or belly. She did get a nasty bite on her forearm. I really don't remember all of the details of what happened with the dog, I just know that I got her and screamed and Lily screamed. The entire family came running. Rob and I make a good team in an emergency. We stayed calm and got my first aid kit (don't ever tease me about always carrying it again) and wrapped her arm. The poor thing had wet her pants so I changed her and we took off for the ER. I feel bad that I forgot to say good bye to Caroline, but her aunt was there and took good care of her.

On the way, I started crying, but stopped the minute Lily started patting my cheek and telling me "It's ok Mama." This little girl never ceases to amaze me. Then she quietly told me that she had a memory box in her head and didn't want this memory in there. I told her she didn't have to keep it.

The Midwest is so different from Northern Virginia. We got in and out of the ER in 1 1/2 hour. That wait would have been at least 3 hours at home. They X rayed her arm, cleaned it out and gave her four stitches. Lily was amazing. She didn't cry and asked questions, like were do they learn to fix arms. The nurse has three children of his own and was so nice to her. He even called our prescription into the all night pharmacy for us.

I think that Lily will be fine, she didn't seem mad at the dog or overly scared. I feel really bad for Rob's aunt and uncle. They are the nicest people and I'm sure they're very upset. I also was worried for my niece. I thought this would bring back bad memories about her bite (which was so much worse), but she seems unfazed too.

I am so thankful that the dog only got her arm. It was so close to her face. I spent most of last night staring at the bruise on her temple and just being thankful.


Anonymous said...

the reason for the quick in and out at the pekin hosp. is because you dont have to stand in line behind 500 freaking foreigners waiting for free helth care. there is a lot to be said for living in rural america.even though you have to put up with the corn

mooserbeans said...

I also think it had something to do with the smaller area. We live in such a huge place. Regardless, we were lucky and are thankful for the wonderful care.